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Our Process

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This is the most important stage, because what is decided during this phase and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. This is also the stage that requires client interaction and the accompanying attention to detail. At this point, we want to know as much details as possible.

Project Requirements

We will send you a checklist for the project. This would include client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information as we can possibly gather. We will also give you our suggestions and recommendations for the project.

Analysis And Planning

At this point, our team of designers and developers will understand the project requirement. We may have few questions and recommendations for you. Developers may suggest more cost effective and efficient way to have similar function.

Proposals And Contracts

During this step, we will write a detailed proposal with project scope, projected timeframe, total cost. If we need to use any third party plugins or stock photography, we can discuss budget at this point.

Mock Up

This will include design and layout for multiple pages. This could be something very simple layout on piece of paper to be sure that we are on the same page.


This would be sitemap and flow of the whole project. If project is simple, this step may no be needed but for larger project, this is very crucial step.


Design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into realty. At the end of this phase we would have finalized design without any functionality. Once design is approved, then developers will start with programming and coding

Photoshop Design

You will see very basic version of the design at this point. At this point, none of the functions would be working but this is just to confirm layout and colors. Changes are very easy to make during this phase so we want to be 100% sure that you love what we created for you.

HTML Design

Upon approval of Photoshop design, designer will create HTML/CSS design. With HTML design, you will be able to see more details compare to the Photoshop design.

Inner Page Design

At this point, we will create design for inner pages. Each website has multiple pages and many pages will have different designs and layouts. Designers will make sure that overall theme and color combination stays same through whole project.

Responsive Design

If your project is responsive website, then at this point, we will make each page responsive. Once that is done, then we will need your approval for the design of entire project at this point. If content is not available, we will use sample text and images to fill up space.


Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content. Programmers will create content management system and any custom functions that are required for your project. Programmers will take strategic approach to ensure each functions are exactly based on your requirements.

Build Development Framework

If we are using any CMS (content management system), developers will install CMS and customize the framework based on the project.

Code For Each Page Type

A website usually has several pages (home, general content, blog post, contact us page, etc) that can be based on templates. Developer will create this for each page at this time.

Develop Special Features

If your project contains any special custom feature, it will be developed during this phase. It will be connected with the design as each feature are developed.

API Integration

If we are using any APIs or any third party integrations, programmers will integrate them with your project and make sure each functions are exactly as your requirement.

Fill With Content

At this point, we will need all the text and image content from you. If you are planning on using any videos, we will need them as well. We will also need your social media and any other integration we are making at this point.

Testing and Launch

Purpose for testing is to make sure everything designers and developers created are working exactly as they should be. During this phase if testers find any bugs, they will forward them to appropriate person to get it fixed. Once testing is done, your project is ready for public viewing. We would upload your project to your server and launch after your approval.

Test Each Element Of Design

At this step, we will test the website with multiple browsers and multiple mobile devices like iPhone, Android phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. if website is responsive or mobile friendly.

Test And Verify Functionalities

Our testers will make sure each function developers have developed are working exactly the way it should. If testers find any bugs, they will forward them to developers to fix them.

Test Links

You many have multiple inner links in your project. We will make sure each one of them is working. If any link is broken, it will get fixed immediately.


Once our testing is done, we will ask you for your approval of the project. You would also be able to test your project and we will walk you through admin panel (if your project has one) and educate you about website management.

Transfer To Live Server And Launch

Once project is approved, we will transfer it to your server and launch the project.


  • DreamWorks Web Solutions is, without question, the best company I have hired in the history of my work. They go above and beyond in all that they do. DreamWorks Web Solutions is flexible, client-centered, and stellar in their communication abilities. I will continue to work with DreamWorks Web Solutions in the years ahead. This company is the epitome of professionalism.

    Maharshi Boss / Honer Of Dream Dance Academy
  • In less than 24 hours DresmWorks Web Solutions' team contacted me to learn more about my business' goals and to give me details about how they could help our marketing through their unique web design services. They were practically able to bring what I envisioned my website to look like to life! They kept me informed throughout the entire process and perfected the site until they were certain I absolutely LOVED what they created for me. I would refer everyone seeking a website that is as unique as the service or product they are offering to put their technology needs in the hands of DreamWorks Web solutions' Web design! I'm more than grateful for their knowledge and services and will always trust my business to them in the future!"

    Pravin Prakashan / Book Publication