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Live Project .NET Training

Are you a final year IT student willing to learn the latest trends and technology in the market?

Are you still pondering over the issue of which technology to select for your Project.

Then answer for all your needs is Live Project Training.

Welcome to DreamWorks Web Solutions!

ASP Training is a set of connection application framework which enables a programmer to put together web sites and applications. Thus, ASP is a server side technology whereas .NET is a framework supporting many languages like Visual Basic (VB) and C - Sharp (C#).

Get full professional ASP.NET training in Surendranagar at DreamWorks Web Solutions, from the highly experienced and professional developers. ASP Training at DreamWorks Web Solutions will be totally a different experience than at other institute. At DreamWorks Web Solutions you will be learning ASP under the guidance of ASP developers and in the live environment. This training will be added as credit to your resume and help you secure a better place in the IT field. DreamWorks Web Solutions provides ASP training in both the languages i.e Visual Basic (VB) and C - Sharp (C#).

DreamWorks Web Solutions is not a institute that focuses on theory but also all students will find the course that is loaded with practical labs. Consequently making the group of student's developers that will be competent to build Web applications more rapidly, that are more scalable, and that are also easier to preserve.

  • DreamWorks Web Solutions
  • DreamWorks Web Solutions
  • DreamWorks Web Solutions

Live Project Training in ASP.NET. These may include
  •    Introduction to .Net
  •    Common language runtime (CLR)
  •    ASP.Net
  •    ASP server controls
  •    Introduction to Ajax
  •    ADO.Net
  •    XML.Net
  •    3 Months for ASP.NET - MsSQL Training ( Weekly 5 Days - 3 Hours )
  •    1 Month for Live Project Training in ASP.NET offered by DreamWorks Web Solutions.

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